MST3KFanvids has moved!

The following message appeared on this site for over a year before this WordPress jazz went live.

NOTICE: On October 20, 2009, the The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-performance Database website was moved, because it’s previous hosting service (Geocities!) was closing for good. Chances are, if you’re seeing this page, then you know about the new address already.

Please, don’t keep it a secret. 
( )

In any case, due to the impending closing of the free Geocities! web-hosting service on October 26, 2009, the whole site was picked up and moved to a whole new hosting service and is sporting a shiny, new domain! Enjoy the ol’ site as much as you ever did. It hasn’t changed. Yet?

To explain further, the old site (hereinafter: legacy site) will remain as it was, unchanged, and possibly unedited. The most updated, and visited, portion of MST3KFanvids was the news page. That page is now the home page of the Binding Polymer website. When a more easily maintainable and updateable framework is found, the subdomain that now directs you to the legacy site will direct you to a new, more modern, The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-performance Database website. It may look exactly like the legacy site, but it will have slipped the bonds of its hand-coded history. For now, use the legacy site for historical MST3KFanvids research, and keep an eye on Binding Polymer for future developments.

Merry Christmas, and a Swayze new year!


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