Nan Desu Kan 2011: Mystery Anime Theater

Let’s get Vaguely Specific for a second here: Mystery Anime Theater. It’s a riffing project. It’s what has been dubbed at the MST3KFvaLpDb, T website as a “convid”. It is so far the only one with that distinction; a video created specifically to be shown at a convention. Early on, it was a live-show of sorts. They’d play that year’s anime target on a TV and read off jokes from the back of the room. You could argue that once they started pre-recording the show that MAT became a fanvid and that the word convid is extraneous. You could also argue that back in 2008, when Vaguely Specific Productions no longer had proper Shadowrama creating facilities that MAT stopped being even an MST3K-style fan-made video. Is it now a Rifftrax-style fanvid? Or, for that matter, a Spoony Experiment or a Film Crew? Or, now, a Cinematic Titanic? Whatever it is, it’s got riffing in it. And, anime. (You know, Japanese cartoons.) So, let’s give Vaguely Specific Productions some slack. The cast is too busy putting Nan Desu Kan together, and working during the actual convention, to do it live anymore. It’s not a live-show, no, but you do have to go to Nan Desu Kan (an anime convention) or Starfest (an “entertainment” convention) to see it. So, it is kind of like a one-shot deal you have to plan for, like the live-shows. Especially since they stopped showing recordings of previous years performances. It was just easier to call it a convid, check the live-show announcements page, and go on with life. We’ll deal with what is and what ain’t, later.

Right now, though, we can plan to catch a showing of Mystery Anime Theater at this year’s Nan Desu Kan. The convention is being held at the Marriot DTC in Denver, Colorado from September 9-11. MAT starts at 11PM, that Friday. It goes until midnight. Video rooms at NDK normally have a come and go as you please policy, but if you’ve travelled all that way, why not show up early?

The experiment this time will be Tekken.

Experiments featured in the last few years were The Fantastic Adventure Of Yohko Leda, Fatal Fury: The Motion Picture, and Voltron: The Fleet Of Doom.

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