Reaching beyond MST3K, to the multi ‘Verse

Where were you in November of 2009? Was it somewhere warm and cozy? Perhaps watching a fan film? A “Dr. Horrible” fanfilm?

Well, then maybe you’re not a Browncoat or a… um… Whesonesquer, because they all totally knew about it way before it even came out on YouTube or Vimeo and were already online blogging about it being minutes overdue and making “first!” comments all over the Jossaverse or Whedalaxy or the whathaveyouglobularcluster. Jealous?

Well, jeal no more. Binding Polymer is here to keep you up to date on the latest trend setting news. You can read all about Horrible Turn, a fanfilm giving homage to Joss Whedon et al’s award-winning, genre-creating, first-ever internet musical over at tubefilter news. They did a thorough job on the subject. Even freakin’ Entertainment Weekly (via popwatch) got in on the action. When reached for comment, Brian Uiga (of MST3K: Time and The Rani fame) said, “I actually didn’t have anything to do with Horrible Turn, I’ve been working solely as an engineer for the last five years.” Likely story.

William Buddy vs Brian Uiga: You be the judge.

When you’re done laughing, crying, and singing-alonging to the unofficial –yet 2010 Streamy nomination worthy “fan art” directed by Chance McClain  (©2009 Blue Light Magic, LLC)– prequel to Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, check out another prequeltastic YouTube sensation: Dr. Horrible: The Early Years. It’s so pre quel, it’ll put you in stocks for your heretical spouting off about this “quel” that you speak of.

Dr. Horrible: The Early Years is another unofficial, fan-made homage to DHSAB. It features some kid in a mad scientist get-up. In five total episodes, uploaded to YouTube way back in 2008, there’s a treehouse, a time machine, and… [spoilers truncated]. Even Captain Hammer makes an appearance. Yes, there’s singing.

And, yes, there’s more. You might have thought that Binding Polymer was merely the new home of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-performance Database website, The. It is, but not “merely”. This is the first inkling of expansion into other fan-made genres for BP. And, why not make a big deal about it and create a triumvirate of Joss Whedon fanfilm info with Browncoats: Redemption.

It’s a fanfilm of Firefly. That is to say, of Serenity (the Firefly movie), technically. They say that Joss Whedon had given them his royal nod before they began production. So, like Horrible Turn and Dr. Horrible: The Early Years, it’s not official, just fan-made.

Don't let the bright lights and loud sounds fool you. This is fan art, not the work of Joss Whedon.

And, that’s why Binding Polymer cares. What the producers of Browncoats: Redemption care about, however, are some charities. You can’t exactly watch Browncoats: Redemption without forking over some dough for a DVD or a ticket for a special screening, or the Bluray version due out in April. Besides Joss, they got permission from Josses bosses — at least as far as Firefly and Serenity go (Fox and Universal Studios) — to go ahead with their fanfilm as long as it was strictly not-for-profit. Accent on the strictly. Sales of tickets and whatnot go to benefit the “five great charities”. Those Browncoats are totally into helping out charities. They may never get a real Serenity sequel, or a Firefly series reboot. But, everything’s comin’ up shiny because they have their Browncoats: Redemption; and they have their charities; and they have a snazzy Electronic Press Kit! Klingons‘ve got nothing on ’em.

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