Jason Soto (B-Movie Central 5000) says he’s back in the riffing game. Today, he posted the first of what’s supposed to be a series of ten-ish minute videos, featuring him and other BMC5K alumnus Cokie the dog.

The new Jason and Cokie riffing series is called Shortastic.

Jason’s been filling time since the demise of B-Movie Central 5000 reviewing bad movies incorrectly for his Invasion of the B-Movies website; winning several Lammy awards. He’s also got a podcast.

If you liked B-Movie Central 5000, and had been waiting desperately for the ill-fated Frogs! episode, get your cloaca in gear and check this out, in its stead. The first episode features a 1950’s industrial short called Let’s Make a Sandwich. Why a gas company was so interested in samiches that it decide that the world needed a short film describing how to make one is anyone’s guess. One thing’s for sure, though, is that those boys did so enjoy their Cokes and hotdogs.

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