CFTP: Ikasucon 2011

Cinematic For The People is in Fort Wayne, Indiana this weekend for Ikasucon. “Adam Smithee” and pals will be doing up their jibes at midnight tonight. Will it be the same experiment as a few months ago when they took on Space Transformers at Penguicon? Maybe:

“If all goes well at Penguicon, we’ll also be doing the same show at Ikasucon in Fort Wayne, IN in July and NMACon in Traverse City, MI in September.”

Though 24 hours before the show begins, they asked the twitniverse for “weird anime videos”. Maybe they’re sprinkling in some added bonus features. Maybe. Perhaps it’s going to be that, and some brand new riffs on the Penguicon 2011 experiment. Who knows. Let’s wait for the show report. Those are always fun.

Ikasucon is an anime convention being held the same weekend (July 8 – 10, 2011) as Shore Leave, a scienty fiction convention. But, if you get out your rocket belt in time to make it to tonight’s CFTP in Fort Wayne, you could mosey on over to Baltimore in time for Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 this Sunday. Crisis averted!

The crazy automatic schedule generator at the Ikasucon website says CFTP is 2 hours long.

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