KCOS: For Health and Happiness

There’s a new episode of Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans out today, April 1, 2017. You can check it out on the Youtube. The experiment for this second episode in the second… whatchacallit… SEASON! of KCOS, a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style fanvid series, is the public domain short film For Health and Happiness. In this episode, Dr. Calamity tones his thighs and learns to appreciate. For science!

The Computer Clan has produced five other episodes of Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans since 2015, amid also producing other things and generally teching things up hard core. KCOS has a website, a Facebook, and — oh, bless their little hearts — an Instagram. After several months of silence on the subject, on this most auspicious of occasions (the release of the newest episode) Ken, the actor who plays Ken, is quoted as saying,”Rocking some new business cards for Cinema of Shenanigans. These will be floating around #C2E2 for sure.”


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