KCOS: For Health and Happiness (corrected)

A new episode of Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans is scheduled for release this coming Tuesday, April 11, 2017. It will feature the educational short film For Health and Happiness.

KCOS is produced by The Computer Clan. They’ve released five other episodes since 2015. For a taste of the upcoming episode, there’s a preview on the Computer Clan YouTube channel.  For more information, check out the KensCOS websiteFacebook, and Tumblr. Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans is a non-standard Mystery Science Theater 3000-style fan-made video series. In it, Ken is trapped on a satellite, and forced to watch bad movies, by an evil scientist. His robot pals EyeEye and Boomer keep him company, but Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo have also become series regulars.

UPDATE: Also featured in this episode are a couple of shorts from the post-apocalyptic advice series Protect and Survive produced by the British government, circa nearly 40 years ago. The couple in question detail how to maintain the lavatory of your nuclear fallout shelter: Sanitation and Sanitation Care. For the more literary minded of the time, there was also a handy booklet.

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