Bromance on Film: Asylum of Satan

In a feet of double-digit consistency, Bromance on Film dips a second toe in the William Girdler waters with a tenth-in-as-many-months episode. This time, instead of a crazed, supernaturally-sized bear — and sweeping, helicopter panoramas — they keep it strictly 4×3 with a horror film definitely not shot in the Todd A.O. format: 1971’s Asylum of Satan.

Bromance on Film: Asylum of Satan was released, say, noonish (Austin, Texas time), unto the YouTube on June 25th. Phil and Taylor meet up, discuss their shared love of classic literature, and then head to the theater to get up to their first shared love-of: watching bad movies. Before the main feature is a provocative educational short film from 1959 for plant supervisors, commissioned by McGraw-Hill Book Company, called The Trouble With Women. Movie riffing enthusiasts may remember this popular little number that asks the question, “What is Brad’s trouble,” from its 2005 appearance as part of Jason Soto’s B-Movie Central 5000: Shorts Spectacular!! (Volume 1); and as a stand-alone short-subject riff by Rifftrax in 2008. Horror movie enthusiasts may be interested to know that Asylum of Satan features cross-dressing, stylish checkered pants, and a blind chick who definitely didn’t watch out for snakes!


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