Bromance on Film: Scream

Circa 1981, veteran stuntman Byron Quisenberry took up the mantle of film director, writer, and executive producer. Upon that mantle, near a painting of a ship, he placed some figurines and a clock. Two weeks later, out of the blue cookie fog and dripping with a soupçon of Dario Argento-style stage-blood, emerged the working-entitled slasher flick, The Outing. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that Byron’s highly atmospheric motion picture saw theaters– under a different title. Thirty-four years later,  the morning of September 2, 2017, the boys of the Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanvid series Bromance on Film released their twelfth episode. But, by that time, the title under which B.Q.’s 16mm directorial debut had been released in 1983 had long since been usurped by Wes Craven’s more successful “outing”. The reluctant companions in Bromance on Film marked their first full year of hanging out together to please their girlfriends by going to see a Neve Campbell-free Scream.

Bromance on Film is a presentation of “p3“, an independent film production outfit out of Austin, Texas. In September of last year, they presented the first episode. It featured a motion-picture which can only be called Grizzly. In twelve months, twelve episodes were released onto the Youtube. Except for August missing out on its monthly allocation due to a delay caused by a natural disaster which can only be called a hurricane, an episode of B.O.F. was released every month. They had planned to do the series for a year and then decide where to go from there. It’s been a year, and it looks like they have decided. A message containing a positive exclamation appeared via the show’s official “Twitter” account, just as their riff of Scream was going live on the Youtube:

“Enjoy the last show of the season! We’ll be back in a couple of months!”



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