Comedy is easy. Math is hard.

Catch 22 / The Eleventh Doctor = Two performances a year. Why, that must mean that it’s time for another Mysterious Theatre 337!

On Friday, February 18, long time MST3K-style live-show group Mysterious Theatre 337 will be putting on the first of the year’s usual two live performances. In November, the second one goes to the their home-turf of Chicago for Chicago TARDIS, sister convention to next month’s Gallifrey One. Both are scienty fiction conventions with a heavy concentration of all things Doctor Who.  This year’s Gallifrey One is going by the handle of “Catch 22: Islands of Mystery”.

Gallifrey One is to be held at the Los Angeles Airport Marriot Hotel and will probably cost you $75 for the weekend of February 18-20 –if you don’t hurry and get in on the low-low pre-February price of $70.

MT337 Logo -

MT337 is a live, comedy show, in the style of Mystery Science Theater Alive!. (And now, if you will, Cinematic Titanic.) The objet d’riff for MT337 is, as you may have guessed (Independence Day-style mathematics not withstanding), anything Doctor Who. That includes the old series, the 1996 FOX TV movie with Paul McGann, and even the new series that began in 2005 and gave the DW universe it’s eleventh The Doctor.

Even though they riffed Silver Nemesis back in 2008. This will be MT337’s silver (nemesis) performance, given that it’ll be performance number 25 for the group. The Doctor Who episode being given the MT337 treatment this time is Castrovalva. It starts at 9 PM. So, don’t be late. Or, they’ll stick you in the Zero Room!

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