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New Horizons Picture Corporation, the company headed up by Roger Corman (the man who made like a billion movies and never lost a dime), is sporting a newly designed website. It’s also sporting a new blog.

From the first entry:

Welcome to Roger Corman’s company blog and DVD webstore!
This blog will be a place for fans and passers-by to gather as a community and interact with New Horizons Picture Corp. We’ll have news about behind the scenes events and processes, inside looks at our current projects, and opportunities to learn more about our company and the people who work here.

We invite you to ask questions, leave comments, and discover our world of low-budget independent filmmaking.

It’s likely that Roger himself isn’t finger banging out all the posts (15 so far). It doesn’t say either way. But, it does promise that Roger and his wife (Julie) will answer two (or is it one) questions from the fans every week. Though, you better be all erudite and junk, because the first two questions answered used words like “monetize” and “acquisitions”.

Keeping up with the times, Roger Corman is also kicking it new-school with an account over at the Twitter: @TheRogerCorman. There’s another Roger Corman account out there, but it’s not “The” Roger Corman. @TheRogerCorman is the definite article. At least as far as being official. Who taps out the <141 characters may not necessarily be Roger every time. A few of the tweets are in the third person. Which means he’s either Bob Dole, or someone else be twee’in. Either way, it’s official Corman-spondence.

When you’re done making a spicy Indian treat, and reading about Mila Kunis on the New Horizons blog. When you’re done trying to figure out if those really are official Roger Corman Facebook and Myspace accounts. When you’re done asking “The” Roger questions. Flip on over to @2010Sharktopus.

Yes, a half shark, half octopus is tweeting.


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