It’s Finalery Zappening!

About six or seven months ago, the silly billies (or is that sillies billy?) over at Great Deserini Films took a break from their exclusively pug-dog based content to tackle what has been the biggest question on the minds of fans of Canadian independent cinema and/or the soon-to-be resurrected television show Mystery Science Theater 3000: “Will there ever be a sequel to The Final Sacrifice, the action-packed adventure film written and directed by the legendary Tjardus Greidanus?”.

A couple of Saturdays later, the quaddrio emerged from their of Denver, Colorado basement with an answer. The answer was:

Final Sacrifice 2 The Finaler Sacrifice

Follow Zapp, Pipper and the Ziox for another harrowing adventure through the secret underground tunnels of Alberta. Will Rowsdower save us and save all the world again? Will he make the ultimate sacrifice?

Final Sacrifice 2: The Finaler Sacrifice is a fan-film that exploded onto the YouTube on January 2nd of this year. It was written and directed by pug owner, robot builder, and Colorado public school teacher Desirae Seter. It stars the illustrative Don Austin as Zapp Rowsdower, and the musical Mike Ahern as Pipper. It also features several ill-fated henchmen of the evil Satoris, portrayed multiplicitically by full-time drawer of things Kevin Gentilcore; who you may know from his Sharknado poster or his web-comic, Teenage Love Zombies.

Two days in the shooting and some other days in the post-production, the entire budget can be seen on the screen. Check out the behind the scenes video to see how it all went down. It’s just slightly longer than the actual movie, so double your pleasure and learn how to act in the snow, how to green-screen a set, and how not to ADR your lines over voice-mail.


After they were done filling that hole in the universal collective consciousness, GDF went back to its wheelhouse and started up a new pug-based entertainment called Literary Lucy. Thrill as a pug dog digs deep into the well to embody characters from classic literature such as Moby Dick and Harry Potter.  But, there’s just one more question that hasn’t been answered: “Threequal?“.


Tjardus Greidanus could not be reached for comment.


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