MFT3000 4 & 5: production update

Mike Hagen over at Mystery Fandom Theater 3000 dropped a big heaping scoop on the members of fanmst3k, not too long ago; a scoop of tasty update with update sprinkles (or jimmies). Here’s a lick:

we have begun filming episodes 4 and 5 of Mystery Fandom Theater 3000!

Hungry for more? Head on over to fanmst3k (the Yahoo! Groups group for discussing fan-made MST3K projects) for the full post, or wait for him to update the MFT3000 website (a website on the Internet for news and info on Mystery Fandom Theater 3000, a fan-made MST3K project), some time this week. Check out the episodes page on the latter, for links to previous MFT episodes on the Internet Archive.

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