Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000: 2011

Peter David, famous “writer of stuff”, and pals are going to be bringing their Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 to Shore Leave again next weekend. David’s wife Kathleen blogs it up as well as it can be blogged, over on her blog: No Strings Attached. If that doesn’t sate your paraphrastical intereste, there’s a description on the events page of the shore leave website that warns of a Star Trek episode “so unspeakably ghastly that you may just want to make sure ahead of time that you know the way out. And we do mean way out.”

Shore Leave is a yearly science fiction convention being held in Baltimore, Maryland at Marriot’s Hunt Valley Inn from July 8 through 11. There has yet to be a publicly released schedule for Shore Leave 2011. But the ones that guests of the con have already seen are tentative anyway. So, Mystery Trekkie Theater will probably go on for an hour, probably that Sunday, and will probably start at 5pm. Your almaniacal reasoning may vary.

Update: the schedule has been posted and, as in years past, MTT3K indeed will start at 5 PM, on Sunday (July 10). It goes on until 6:30 and is the last event of the show.

The experiment for this year’s MTT is being kept secret until showtime. Though if you’d like to dwell on the past, information on previous performances of Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000, can be found at superfan Corey W. Tacker’s, comparitively up to date Lost Works.

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