Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000, circa 2016

Mystery Trekkie Theater 3000 will be back again this year at Shore Leave 38. MTT3K is a Mystery Science Theater Alive!-style live-show put on annually at Shore Leave, a scienty fiction convention held annually in Baltimore, Maryland, which is mistaken annually for Hunt Valley, the actual city where Shore Leave is, unmistakably, being held this weekend (July 15-17, 2016), at the Hunt Valley Inn. In traditional fashion, MTT37 is being performed on Sunday. The official con website says the show will be “closing out” the con, but it’s only scheduled to go for two hours starting at 10 o’clock in the morning and there’s loads of stuff still happening until about 7PM. So, if you’re planning on sticking around for photo-ops, screenings of several Star Trek fan-films, writing workshops, and cetera, your close-out may vary.

The cast of the show varies, depending on the skits accompanying the riffing, and which famous guests who have been invited to the con can be convinced to participate. But, you can always count on famous writer guys Peter David, Robert Greenberger, and Michael Jan Friedman to appear as themselves and their friend T.A. Chafin to appear as the mad scientist character. The experiment has not been announced, but it never is. Count on it being something Star Trek related. A lot of the time it’s an episode of any of the multitude of Star Trek serieses. But! Who can forget 2005 when the audience was presented with the pilot for Alexander the Great, starring William Shatner?

For some shaky, hand-held video of past opening sketches, you can count on the YouTube where users Corey Tracker and garaaluv27 have posted their audience POV’s from 2011 and 2008, respectively.


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