June 22, 2016

Despite it’s projected June 27th release date, the fifth episode of Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans has already been released. The new episode, which is the first of the second “season” of KCOS and features “part one” of their first feature length experiment, The Guy with Secret Kung Fu, was released on June 21st. Look out for slightly modified opening theme song lyrics, guest appearances, inside-baseball cameos, and a couple of bad words your kids might ask you about at an inopportune time. No attempt has been made to find out which member of The Computer Clan writes their ones in that weird European way that makes them look like sevens. Thus, causing the great “is it early or was it on time” debate of 2016.

Speaking of Russians, did you know that there’s a Russian language Mystery Science Theater 3000 subtitle project going on? They’re translating the entire series, in order. Today, they released a fully translated and subtitled version of the second episode of MST3K, The Robot vs. The Aztec Mummy.

Ken’s Cinema of Shenanigans is a Mystery Science Theater 3000-style fan-made video series produced by the mysterious folks of The Computer Clan. The series has a handy YouTube playlist and, now, a Facebook page. If you want to catch the unmolested entirety of the experiment itself, before TCC gets to the remaining two thirds, just look around. There’s a probably not illegal copy on just about every website out there. If you want to compare how a single experiment affects different test subjects, give Cinematic for the People a try. They used it as an experiment back in 2012. (Spoiler: both groups were compelled to mention the water foley.)


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