Bromance on Film: The Alien Dead

In 1980 (or thereabouts) notable film producer Fred Olen Ray took to the waters of central Florida (USA), to produce a movie that was part Killdozer, part Blood Waters of Dr. Z, part Laserblast, part Giant Spider Invasion, part Legend of Boggy Creek 2; part — your parts may vary. On July 23, 2017, the boys of Bromance on Film, after having taken to the trails of Austin, Texas, released the eleventh episode of their nearly year-long MST3K fanvid series project. What do they have in common? A water-logged horror flick known as The Alien Dead, that’s what!

Phil’s hand passes judgement on one of the many hinders that end up centered in the frame during The Alien Dead.

In addition to their F.O.Ray into an experiment filled with aquatic, cop-a-feel zombies presenting an extraterrestrial, existential threat to southern townsfolk (and a couple of gratuitously-filmed, nudie-cutie bathing-beauties), Bromance on Film: The Alien Dead also starts off with a short, educational film from 1945 called Despotism. It’s an Erpi Classroom Film produced by the folks at Encyclopædia Britannica Films whose subject matter was definitely not whatever it was that Lady Macbeth was wringing her hands about.

Episodes of Bromance on Film are available on the YouTube.


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