The Mystery Science Theater 3000 Fanvid and Live-performance Database

* The Scriptory *

Wondering what that one line you heard was? Well, read the official scripts written by the official writers themselves! Here you will find all the scripts that are currently available for reading. You can download the scripts, as provided by their respective producers, directly from this database, by clicking on the file links. In cases where the producers have scripts on their own websites, links may lead to their websites or files instead. This website is not responsible for off-site web pages and it is not the policy of this database to alter scripts to remove possibly offensive material. Scripts are added as soon as they are made available. You can now see how each particular production handled its lines, and maybe learn a few things about how do it yourself. Other "info" is found in the Fan Production Information Center. Once you're done reading scripts, you can check out the Tutorials section for other production tips, and find helpers for your production by reading the want-ads. But, don't forget the Main Index, too.

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